Evidence of Wonder

A call to pay it forward

The workshops generated approximately 125 gifts that will be distributed throughout the 2012 Harvard Arts First festival. In addition to the lovely hand crafted items inside the gift box is a message inviting the receivers of the gifts to ‘pay it forward’. That message reads,

 Dear Recipient,

Delight goes both ways for getters and givers of gifts. Likewise, teachers treasure learning moments as much for themselves as for their learners. Resolved that education is the ultimate, most lasting of gifts, they often whole-heartedly commit to lives of extraordinary giving.

 The Evidence of Wonder project that brought you this moment of delight was created by students at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. We humbly request that you “pay it forward” with one or more of the following suggestions:

 1. INSTANT IMPACT: Thanking a teacher/professor in writing, out loud, or with a gift of your own making (teachers love thank you’s).

 2. ACTIVE IMPACT: Teaching your knowledge, skill, or talent to someone by volunteering in a school or community center, tutoring, hosting a workshop…ect.

 3. LONG-TERM IMPACT: Supporting a new vision for American education in your thinking and conversations with peers, and with your votes and support of local schools. Learn more at http://www.ed.gov/blog/2012/02/launching-project-respect and at www.teach.org

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